The CHO HCP ELISA 3G Robotics Kit is designed for automated workflows. This kit is one size larger than the F550-1 kit. Includes four Anti-CHO coated microtiter strip plates and all reagents and standards in volumes sufficient to perform CHO HCP ELISA on the Hamilton Microlab STAR Liquid Handling System.

With a flexible platform design, the Microlab STAR adapts to the CHO HCP ELISA, 3G assay protocol. The complementary Microlab STAR VENUS software script to run the assay can be downloaded via the link provided below.

Product Information:

  • Product Type: ELISA Kit
  • Storage: 2°C to 8°C
  • Target Expression System: CHO
  • Species Group: Mammalian
  • Species: Chinese hamster

This kit is designed for use in determining the presence of host cell protein impurities in manufactured products by expression in the CHO cell line. The kit is for For research and manufacturing use only and not intended for diagnostic use in humans or animals. This is the third generation ELISA kit for the detection of CHO HCP. Cygnus Technologies continues to market two-generation kits, Cat #s F015 and CM015 for CHO HCP detection.

While those kits are broadly reactive to CHO HCP among all strains and have been successfully qualified for a variety of pharmaceutical substances, this third-generation assay uses an even more comprehensive reagent. antibody. Originally, the third generation kit was denoted as Cat # F550.

Current Cat # F550-1 is the same catalog number with an extension to designate it as refueling of antibodies and antigens. Replenishment reagents have has been extensively tested in parallel with the F550 reagents. This test has shown very little difference, therefore, a minimal impact on the sample results is expected. Bridge studies, requalification, or revalidation must make the transition between reagents F550 and the F550-1 reagents replenished